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Canada is one of the most welcoming and favourable countries for businesses looking to move or expand, and Calgary is arguably your best bet. After all, we have the highest head office concentration and the most patents per capita in Canada. Plus, Canada ranks #1 for Business Environment of the G7 countries (for forecast period 2016-2020). It also has the lowest total tax rate and one of the most generous R&D tax incentives of the G7 countries.

In this section, you’ll find tools and resources to support business development in Canada. We also have plenty of resources for established businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Browse for:

  • details on grants, financing, and angel investors
  • demographics and forecasting information
  • guides and advice for goods importers and exporters
  • help and tools to expand your business
  • immigration and employment resources

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Immigration & Labour

Acuspire is your personalized, automated recruiter. It utilizes advanced technologies to connect candidates with suitable employment. The more you interact with the system, the better it becomes at finding jobs that you really want.

Black-led/Black-serving organizations in Calgary.

Semi-annual report providing key economic indicators and forecasts for the City of Calgary.

Calgary Catholic Immigration Society is a non-profit and a community leader provides settlement & integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Alberta.

Helping unemployed Albertans in the Calgary area explore career and training options and find jobs.

Calgary Foundation fosters partnerships to build a strong charitable sector that serves the needs of all members of the community.

Providing the latest information, tools and resources to support and advance Canada's oil and gas workforce.

The Canadian Cluster Mapping Portal is a national economic initiative that provides millions of open data records on industry clusters and regional business environments across Canada.


Identify foreign representatives in Canada.

EvolveU helps professionals upskill or pivot their career.

An overview of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)’s programs for hiring global talent.

Resources available to employers seeking to hire foreign workers, both temporary and permanent.

Start working in Canada faster through the Global Skills Strategy. We will process most eligible work permit applications within two weeks. Find out if you are eligible for two-week processing.

Immigrant Services Calgary provides a wide range of settlement services to immigrants and refugees looking to begin a new chapter of their lives in Canada.

Apply to travel, study, work or immigrate to Canada, apply for citizenship, a permanent resident card or refugee protection.

Find work right across the province.

Find a job that fits your life.

Search for jobs in Calgary and across Canada.

Monthly labour market indicators from Statistics Canada.

Calgary and area annual and quarterly labour market reports.

Providing data and information about Local Immigration Partnerships across Canada.

Solve your research challenges with university expertise, leveraged funding, and one-to-one support from Mitacs. Internships start at four months and can scale up as much as you need.

OCCinfo is your one stop source for up-to-date information on Alberta's occupations, educational programs and schools.

Salaries and wages information for Calgary.

Find local information to help your business make smarter, faster, better decisions.

Find out how to immigrate to Canada by starting a business and creating jobs, or support innovative entrepreneurs.

Canada's Startup Visa (SUV) Program is intended to attract foreign entrepreneurs who wish to establish new, high-growth businesses in Canada which will support innovation and job creation. To be eligible for the Startup Visa under this stream, entrepreneurs must be accepted into a program offered by a designated Canadian business incubator. Platform Calgary is one of the business incubation programs designated by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Funded by Supply Chain Canada, Alberta Institute, the Supply Chain Workforce Marketplace is as a free and open resource to help ensure visibility to the available supply chain talent across the country, and to help match this available talent with opportunities.


Apply for a visa to work in Canada.

Welcome to Alberta is a settlement mobile app designed to help immigrants and refugees to achieve a smooth and successful transition into their life in Canada by providing centralized services.


This monthly report focuses on seven key areas while comparing Calgary to other major Canadian cities; Trade, Real Estate, Livability, Labour Market, Economy, Business and Demographics.

Apply for a visa to work in Canada.