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Various Funding - Alberta Innovates
Alberta Innovates is the province's largest research and innovation agency providing funding to SMEs throughout the entire innovation spectrum—from the generation of new ideas through applied testing to commercialization.
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Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP)
The CAP is a five-year, $3 billion federal-provincial-territorial investment in the agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector. In Alberta, the CAP program represents a federal – provincial investment of $406 million in strategic programs and initiatives for the agricultural sector.
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MITACS provides financial and talent support to organizations to subsidize salaries for paid internships and provide a research management training program, with a potential postdoctoral fellowship for up to two years. Matched project funding starts at $7,500 for a 4-6 month project.
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321 Growth Academy
Igniting growth for B2B startups and scaleups. Growth Academy helps companies and people level up their sales, marketing, product management, and people capabilities to realize better results.
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ACAMP is a unique industry-led product development centre that advanced technology entrepreneurs count on to move their innovation from proof-of-concept to manufactured product by providing access to multidisciplinary engineers, technology experts, unique specialized equipment, and industry acumen.
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Accrue Performance Marketing
Marketing consultants helping start-up and grow Calgary companies.
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Alberta Major Projects
An inventory of private and public sector projects in Alberta valued at $5 million or greater.
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Apparel Innovation Centre
If you want to produce innovative apparel for the consumer market or the industrial protective clothing market, you can get help from concept to final prototype.
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ATB Entrepreneur Centre
The place for entrepreneurs in Calgary and Edmonton to get advice, banking solutions and connect with experts.
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Avatar Innovations
Avatar Innovations is the ground-breaking initiative generating, implementing and funding energy innovation. By empowering leadership inside oil and gas to champion disruption, rather than be displaced by it, Avatar fills the needed gap in the innovation ecosystem to truly create a new energy future.
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AWESOME Virtual Accelerator
The AWESOME Accelerator provides 10 weeks of focused learning, sales development and connections for women entrepreneurs in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Accelerator is designed to help increase sales for women-led food processing businesses.
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Bennett Jones Kickstart
Designed to help entrepreneurs identify, anticipate and manage potential legal concerns early in the development of their businesses, on a cost-effective basis.
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Boast Capital
Boast Capital helps innovative companies in the U.S. and Canada recover their R&D costs from the government.
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BOMA Building Guide
The BBG is a definitive guide for downtown office buildings, suburban office buildings, industrial and retail building information, and market commentary.
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Bridging the Gap: Canadian Entrepreneurs Engaging with Asia - APFC
Provides practical, specific, and insightful advice from nine Vancouver-based leaders whose ventures are active in Asian markets.
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