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Are you ready to go global or explore new markets?
The Trade Accelerator Program is your ticket to take your business to the next level.

The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is an innovative 4-session initiative, designed to accelerate the strategic development of your business and to better prepare you for an expansion into international markets. With TAP, you'll get the tools, connections and knowledge you need to take your business into new markets. Our team understands the challenges you’re facing and is here to support and prepare you.


TAP is designed to provide entrepreneurs with:

•  Customized, face-to-face coaching and advice
•  Navigation of the complexities of the global trade ecosystem
•  Access to a network of experts and thought leaders
•  Familiarity with international best practices
•  Assistance in developing and executing an export plan

How TAP Works

Upcoming Workshops

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TAP 35 | Calgary
June 2024

June 11 (In-person) | Day 1
June 12 (In-person) | Day 2
June 18 (In-person) | Day 3
June 28 (Export plans due)
July 16 (Virtual) | Mentorship Day

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TAP 37 | Edmonton
September 2024

September 24 (In-person) | Day 1
September 25 (In-person) | Day 2
October 1 (In-person) | Day 3
October 11 (Export plans due)
October 24 (Virtual) | Mentorship Day

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TAP 36 | Lethbridge
September 2024

September 10 (In-person) | Day 1
September 11 (In-person) | Day 2
September 17 (In-person) | Day 3
September 27 (Export plans due)
October 10 (Virtual) | Mentorship Day

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TAP 38 | Calgary
October 2024

October 22 (In-person) | Day 1
October 23 (In-person) | Day 2
October 29 (In-person) | Day 3
November 8 (Export plans due)
November 19 (Virtual) | Mentorship Day

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Federal Funding

The Trade Accelerator Program has been supported by Innovation, Science and Economic Development


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