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Calgarians are creators, storytellers and innovators. From film and TV to interactive digital media, Calgary has the crews, talent and venues for any creative endeavour. More than 24,000 people are employed by more than 4,400 businesses in the creative industries sector. This talent pipeline continues to be fed by more than 3,200 creative and film industry post-secondary graduates annually.


Calgary Film Centre

The Calgary Film Centre is a world-class facility suitably equipped and serviced so you can tell your story with ease.

Conveniently located 25 minutes from the Calgary airport and 20 minutes from downtown, the Calgary Film Centre has 50,000 square feet of purpose-built studios and 25,000 square feet of multipurpose warehouse and workshop spaces, complemented by anchor tenant William F. White International.

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Calgary Film Centre

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Luke Azevedo

Luke Azevedo

Vice President Creative Industries & Film Commissioner