As Canada’s fourth-largest production jurisdiction, Calgary has award-winning talent and crews, globally competitive incentives, infrastructure and world-renowned locations. It’s no wonder Calgary is a location of choice for local, national and international filmmakers who are inspired to bring their stories to the world – and the podium.

A film friendly city

Calgary is a film-friendly jurisdiction sought after by local, national and international film and TV productions including The Last of Us, Prey, My Life with the Walter Boys, The Abandons, Fargo, Fraggle Rock, Under the Banner of Heaven, Guilty Party, Joe Pickett, Tribal, Skulls, The Thicket, Billy the Kid, Heartland and Jann. 

Financial incentives


Calgary Economic Development and Calgary Film Commission support all film and TV production needs in the Calgary region.

As a full-service agency, our team specializes in attracting and supporting screen productions, offering scouting services, location packages and assistance navigating necessary permits. 

Our services extend beyond production support. We provide strategic guidance, financial incentives and connections to vendors and services, ensuring your project's success. 

Let us be your partner in bringing your creative project to life. 

Connect with the Calgary Film Commission

Scouting in the Calgary region?

Welcome, filmmakers! If you are scouting locations in the Calgary region, we're here to support you. Please download the location scouting notice below.

Important: Please ensure that the Calgary Film Commission is aware of your scouting activities. Notify and send completed letter to our team here.

Download Letter

Filming in the Calgary region?

The Calgary Film Commission collaborates with The City of Calgary’s Film Friendly team to provide access to permits for municipally owned locations and services. Permits are needed to film any motion picture, TV program, commercial, music video or commercial still photography on City of Calgary property.  

Productions filming in Calgary should follow the required steps:

Please note: For an optimal online experience, we recommend you complete the below form on a desktop in the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox for PCs or Macs. 

Step 1

The Calgary Film Commission works to simplify and expedite the success of your production in Calgary. Productions interested in filming in Calgary should first submit the Film Production Information Sheet.

Submit Film Production Information Sheet

Submitting this form helps the Calgary Film Commission gather sector data to enhance ecosystem development, better position Calgary to support production growth, and capture the positive impact that the screen industries have on our region’s economy.  

Please note: We do not report on info gathered from individual projects; we share aggregate numbers annually to highlight sector activities in the province.    

If you experience any issues completing or submitting the form, please contact [email protected] for assistance. 


Step 2

The Calgary Film Commission can help your production navigate access to information about filming in Calgary, scouting needs, and necessary permits. To access filming permits:  

  • If it’s private property, connect directly with the owner.
    •  Ensure that you inform the Calgary Fire Department (CFD) of your filming and safety plans. Please contact their team at [email protected].
  • If it’s a City-owned asset, head to the City website. Did you know? Through the City intake, a City of Calgary Film Permits & Services Coordinator will be assigned. 
  • Unsure? No worries! Let our Calgary Film Commission team help you navigate the process. Please contact us at [email protected].

NOTE FOR PRODUCTIONS - If you need to secure a City permit, complete The City’s Film Services Intake form and communicate with the Film Permits & Services Coordinator assigned to you. Please do not bypass the intake process, even if you have a preferred or regular contact within The City of Calgary. This ensures the permitting process is as efficient and seamless as possible for you and your production. If you have questions about the intake process, you can contact The City of Calgary’s Film Friendly team at [email protected].

Production support

The following is a list of Calgary region based companies that cater to the Film & TV industry.
These companies are available to filmmakers and producers looking to work in the Calgary region.

Additional Resources

Information for property owners, extras and production staff.

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