Accolite sees Calgary as a key growth engine

October 31, 2023
Leadership Team Calgary Technology
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Jonathan McCracken, left, Accolite’s chief technology officer, North America; Manoj Jasra, centre, senior vice-president of global marketing and head of Canada; and Laurel Norman, director of alliances.

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Calgary is more than an oil and gas town — a fact not lost on Accolite, one of the world’s fastest growing providers of Technology Services.

The city has also become a burgeoning tech hub, which turns out to be a key reason behind Accolite’s 2022 acquisition of Xerris, a Calgary-based, Canadian leader in cloud consulting and DevOps.

“With the acquisition, we have added incredible, Calgary-based talent, expertise and capabilities,” says Manoj Jasra, Accolite’s senior vice-president of global marketing and head of Canada. “It really is a perfect launchpad for future growth across all of North America.”

With headquarters in Dallas and India, Accolite helps clients capitalize on the power created by the latest technologies.

“Accolite is a Technology Services provider, where we get our hands dirty solving the hardest digital engineering problems for our clients in areas like cloud, data and AI,” says Jasra.

Cloud is a key area of growth for many businesses, Jasra explains, and they are increasingly looking to use the massive computing power of hyper-scalers such as AWS and Azure to modernize applications and drive new forms of revenue through innovation.

The cloud can serve as a robust IT backbone so organizations can quickly pivot to support new innovations, including generative artificial intelligence (AI), he says.

“For many clients to grow, scalability is important and, therefore, they need their technology platforms to be elastic to meet growth that is not just measured in hundreds of thousands, but often millions of customers.”

The front-end experience of the technology platforms also needs to be frictionless, allowing the end consumers of businesses to take advantage of these innovations quickly and seamlessly, with as little disruption as possible.

“That’s why a key focus at Accolite is around both product engineering and customer experience,” he says. It’s an approach that has helped fuel the digital engineering firm’s rapid growth globally, including in Canada.

“Although growth is incredibly important to us, it must be meaningful and benefit our customers. With our evolving expertise in digital engineering, cloud, data & AI, we are ready to exceed expectations,” Jasra says.

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