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Alberta has a reputation for high-quality, safe food and beverage products. The food processing industry is highly regulated, ensuring common standards of quality and safety. Alberta is known for its ag commodities including grain, pulses and livestock but also produces key products including ready-to-eat packaged food and beverages, food products and ingredients, and some emerging niche and premium products.

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Lindsay Smylie

Business Development Manager, Agribusiness

Alberta Made

Alberta exports agricultural and food products to over 150 countries. These are some of the companies making it in Alberta.

The Calgary Advantage

Food manufacturing is the largest manufacturing sector in Alberta. With expertise in value-added food processing, multinationals, medium-sized and niche food and beverage processing and manufacturing companies are choosing to locate in Calgary.

Research & Innovation

Calgary, Alberta and Western Canada are leading the way in research and innovation for food processing, agri-tech and production.

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Lindsay Smylie

Lindsay Smylie

Business Development Manager, Agribusiness