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Agriculture is a vital part of Alberta’s economy, and Calgary benefits from its access to a diverse landscape ideal for growing a variety of crops and raising livestock. The city has emerged as a centre for agribusiness, with ag companies, research institutions and academic programs clustered here. This critical mass of expertise is driving the sector forward with technical talent, the application of agricultural technologies and financial and business know-how.




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Marlise Hunter

Business Development Manager, Agribusiness

Anchor Firms Call Calgary Home

Due to its location in the heart of Southern Alberta and the strength of the agriculture sector here, multinational industry leaders have major operations in Calgary. These firms represent key decision makers in the industry and are leaders in agricultural innovation. They are also premier employers of high-value jobs in the sector.

Western Canada’s Inland Port

Calgary’s air, rail and road access to key North American and international markets make Calgary an ideal distribution hub for firms to sell their products globally. Calgary is intersected by the Trans-Canada Highway (east/west) and Highway 2 (north/south), the CANAMEX corridor, allowing companies to reach millions of consumers within a one-day trip. Intermodal facilities for two Class 1 railways and one of Canada’s busiest airports provide efficient access to consumer markets worldwide.

Western Canadas Inland Port

Leading-edge Research & Innovation

Calgary is a hub for precision agriculture and agricultural technology, with more than 22 facilities in Alberta playing an important role in ag research and innovation.

Calgary-Olds Smart Agri-Food Corridor

A unique partnership between Calgary Economic Development and Olds College, the corridor leverages Calgary’s global corporate presence and distribution hub with Olds College’s Smart Farm applied research pillar and integrated learning.

Through the corridor, companies and entrepreneurs have access to a world-class agribusiness environment that supports the development and scaling of new technologies designed to drive innovation in smart agri-food production.

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Calgary Olds Smart Agri Food Corridor

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Marlise  Hunter

Marlise Hunter

Business Development Manager, Agribusiness

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