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Canada's destination for talent

The key to unlocking long-term economic growth lies in our talent. Also known as human capital, talent is the number of educated, experienced and skilled people available to work. In a fast-changing world, being Canada’s leading destination for talent is critical to Calgary's continued economic prosperity.

Calgary has a long history of attracting and employing industry-specific talent. Our talent base has expanded significantly over the last two decades, allowing Calgary’s economy to grow and diversify and provide our highly educated labour force with transferable skills.

What we have now is a connected and supportive city rich in technology, entrepreneurialism and visionaries. We have a very skilled and educated workforce that is eager to shift towards new and enterprising economic opportunities.

Digital transformation in talent

With the rapid advancement of technologies and automation disrupting the nature of industries, having skilled workers to support and grow technology-oriented companies is essential in Calgary.

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Calgary in the New Economy