Calgary has a long history of attracting and employing industry-specific talent. Over the last two decades, our talent base has expanded significantly allowing the Calgary economy to grow and diversify. We continue to boast our highly educated labour force and its transferable skills.

What we have now is a connected and supportive city rich in technology, entrepreneurialism and visionaries. We have a very skilled and educated workforce that is eager to shift towards new and enterprising economic opportunities.



How will we achieve it?

To become Canada’s destination for talent, we intend to pursue four key initiatives: 


1. Create Canada’s largest talent accelerator (immediate initiative)

2. Establish Calgary as a magnet for students

Expand work-integrated learning programs.

Collaborate with post-secondary institutions and other providers to design programs aligned with business workforce requirements.

Enhance program access to diverse communities.

Pilot/scale nimble short-term programs to re-skill workers.

Advocate for increased capacity within our post-secondary institutions.

Explore co-branded programs with global institutions.

Promote advantages of a globally diverse workforce.

Continue to prepare teachers to teach STEAM programs.

Secure funding for globally recognized professors.

3. Emphasize creativity and innovation from kindergarten to university (K-U)

4. Address immediate needs through attraction efforts

Grow work-integrated learning partnerships for STEAM careers.

Increase capacity to teach STEAM programs.

Enhance programs encouraging underrepresented participation in STEAM learning.

Develop after-school programs with the tech accelerator.

Build and execute talent attraction campaigns that target senior technology leaders.

Attract companies that serve as a magnet for talent.



How will we measure success?

To successfully implement and continuously improve this initiative, we will track key performance indicators at all activity levels. At the highest level, they include:

  1. Unemployment rate
  2. Net migration of the population in Calgary, aged 18 to 30
  3. Percentage of the labour force that is in specialized technology (e.g. software engineering, computer sciences)

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