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For more than a century, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) has been at the forefront of innovation and technology. From shortwave radio to artificial intelligence, students have embraced the opportunities created by disruption.

In the transformation to an increasingly digital economy, SAIT and other post-secondary institutions play a crucial role as suppliers of talent and innovative ideas.

One major step forward in embracing disruptive change made headlines this week when a $30-million gift from philanthropist David Bissett allows SAIT to establish a new school and programs focused on advanced digital technology.

“This significant contribution will enable SAIT to support our students and our industry partners, to develop the mindset, adaptability and knowledge to use and create technology to drive us forward,” said SAIT President and CEO Dr. David Ross. “It’s going help us accelerate industry and our economy.” 

Dr. Ross is a member of the Board of Directors for Calgary Economic Development and a member of the CEO Roundtable for the Economic Strategy. SAIT’s school advanced digital technology will supports two of the areas of focus for Calgary in the New Economy – Innovation and Talent. 

SAIT is also a valued member of the Team Calgary corporate partnership.

The economic headwinds Calgary has confronted in the last five years are well-documented. Less evident is the momentum that emerged in 2019 around implementation of Calgary in the New Economy and how the strategy created by Calgarians for Calgarians is setting a foundation for sustained prosperity.

The vision for Calgary in the New Economy is to be the city of choice in Canada for the best entrepreneurs to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges – cleaner energy, safe and secure food, more efficient transportation and better health solutions.

The opportunity for Calgary is to lead the digital transformation of Canada’s industrial sectors and SAIT has a key role to play in achieving that goal.

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