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Energy sector professionals examining machinery

Wildly passionate about the Canadian energy industry is one of the ways the Young Women in Energy network describes themselves.

The Calgary-based organization, with global membership, aims to address the recognized need to increase female presence, development and leadership in an industry going through rapid change.

“In the five years that Young Women in Energy has around, we haven’t seen the progress we want for women in the energy sector,” said Katie Smith, Executive Director, Young Women in Energy. “We’re champions for the industry and we want the best people at the table to move it forward. Retention of women in energy, especially during a downturn, is an issue we need to tackle.”.

To actively engage participants in tackling this issue, the Young Women in Energy recently held a ‘solve-a-thon’ to answer one question: How can we advance the energy industry by fully actualizing women’s talents, ideas and careers?

The result, the #Solveathon Insights Report, highlights current challenges for young women in the energy sector and proposed solutions industry leaders can begin acting on.

Actions include:

  1. Review key organizational processes for bias, including job descriptions and criteria, interview structure, evaluation and promotional processes, guidelines and policies.
  2. Lead candid conversations about bias, and biased assumptions in the workplace. Encourage everyone to participate in conversations about their roles.
  3. Engage young women in the process to design the right policies for the end user.
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