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September 26, 2023
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Steve Register is general manager of technologies at RGO Products Ltd. in Calgary.

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It’s not just an office printer anymore. It’s a multi-function device — or MFD for short.

While printers still play a key role in most small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the scope of what these devices do has expanded amid technological innovations that are changing how Calgarians work.

“SMEs are seeing technological innovation coming at them faster than ever,” says Steve Register, general manager of technologies at RGO Products Ltd. in Calgary.

Be it blockchain, software as a service, artificial intelligence or cloud computing, innovation is constant, and SMEs struggle to keep pace. That’s where RGO steps in as a trusted tech guide.

While the company has been serving Calgary for decades, providing solutions for office furniture, window coverings and flooring, increasingly it is helping SMEs navigate new technology. In fact, the company’s sales team is dedicated specifically to innovation.

“Our group’s sole focus is guiding customers to find solutions that suit them best and then help them implement those solutions.”

Several of its technology solutions in this space are built around printers — or MFDs — that fit clients’ changing needs.

Offices may increasingly operate digitally, backed by cloud computing, but paper is not going anywhere either, says Register. Indeed, the need to integrate print and digital has never been more in demand.

“We usually think of documents as pieces of paper, but documents are really data that move through an organization allowing it to function,” he says.

That’s where RGO helps, assisting clients to improve efficiencies, from scanning paper documents that are then stored digitally in workflows or simply downloading digital documents for print.

“Our goal is making tasks related to documents easier and more efficient than ever,” Register says.

To many clients, busy with ongoing operations, creating integrated workflows that facilitate these tasks is a major source of stress.

RGO assists in eliminating those organizational headaches by helping clients augment their technology capabilities, starting with integrating that MFD seamlessly with operations.

“In essence, we help optimize the office for clients starting with that multi-function printer.”

Register adds that RGO’s services go beyond reducing the cost per page printed — though that remains important, too.

“Printers remain a core service that will be around for a long time, but we also recognize what customers need today, and that is helping to effortlessly automate workflows in the office.”

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