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For years, Calgary companies had access to all the business they wanted with a booming economy right in their backyard. But times have changed and these days finding opportunities often means seeking out new markets.

The opportunity for companies to tap into new markets, with potential new customers, was the driving force behind creation of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) in Canada for companies looking to fast-track the expansion of their business.

For Canadian companies looking to expand, there is now assistance available.  Whether it’s traditional markets like the United States or Europe, or emerging markets such as South Korea or Brazil, local businesses can leverage their learnings from attending the Trade Accelerator Program to gain access to new customers, new revenue and new ideas by going global.

These days the world could use more Canada. 

“The Canadian brand is associated universally with quality products and impeccable service,” points out Gwenaële Montagner, Program Creator, TAP & Senior Director, International Trade Development at World Trade Centre Toronto. “This is seen throughout all of our sectors; Canadian companies stand out on the world stage.”

TAP is an innovative program that was launched, in select cities across Canada in 2018, to help SMEs gain the knowledge, skills, and network of contacts they need to realize their global potential. The program offers in-depth workshops, one-on-one coaching opportunities with Canadian business leaders and a number of resources to help companies overcome export barriers, reach new markets faster, and build and sustain a profitable future.

More than 70 per cent of graduates from the program nationally are now actively exporting in international markets. Companies that completed the TAP program have reported an average growth of 33 per cent in export sales a year after the course.

“Now is the time for Canadian companies to look globally,” says Montagner.

This piece on the Trade Accelerator Program in Calgary was originally published on JWN Energy's website on June 15, 2020.

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