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Nanalysis goes bigby going small

A Calgary-based tech company has found a way to solve big problems, across industries, by taking a small-sized approach.

Nanalysis Scientific Corp. has created an innovative piece of technology that is the size of a toaster and light enough to be portable. This machine uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers to observe the magnetic fields around atomic nuclei in order to perform the chemical analysis of substances.

In simpler terms, Nanalysis helps analysts identify and better understand substances key to industrial and commercial applications. For example, the company’s technology can detect whether something branded as extra virgin olive oil is the real thing or an inferior product diluted with soy oil, or whether fish oil supplements contain any problematic components.

Nanalysis’s products are already globally used and recognized, with major customers in Japan, India and the U.S. It’s used by a range of sectors, from analyzing the types of fuel that power large cargo ships around the world, to identifying and quantifying illegal street drugs in Germany, to increasing efficiency and energy savings and furthering environmental protection initiatives in Italy. 

A worldwide impact that starts right here in Calgary.

Learn more about how Nanalysis is helping solve some of the world’s biggest challenges on our Live Tech, Love Life page.  

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