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Headquartered in Calgary, Kudos helps companies improve organizational culture and performance through its award-winning employee recognition, feedback, and organizational communication platformThe Kudos platform is used in 11 different languages with clients in over 80 countries – from small businesses to multinational corporations. 

“We’ve developed a calibrated form of recognition that aligns to employee performance, promoting innovation and reinforcing an organization’s core values and behaviours,” said Muni Boga, President and CEO, Kudos. “Our intent is to enable the best in individuals so they can live a happy and purposeful life.” 

Kudos credits its path to global growth to the supportive Calgary tech and innovation ecosystem and the resources available to it as a startup in Canada. According to Boga, Kudos also found alignment with the local angel investor community early in its development, working with many investors who came from varying backgroundsnot always specifically in tech.  

“Diversity of thinking that can be applied to other areas like technology has been incredibly useful,” said Boga. When it comes to Calgary, it is the sense of community that has struck the Kudos team and inspires them to help other local businesses 

“We’re very open to helping other companies and people”, said Boga. That’s the nice thing about Calgary: if you ask, someone will help you, point you in the right direction, give you a referral. Minds and opportunities are open to global companies.” 

For the Kudos team, the expansion of remote work across industries around the world has further cemented the importance of their platform, which connects diverse and dispersed workforces. The company is focused on their growth to ensure as many companies have access to their SaaS solution as possible. 

For our full story on Kudos and more information on innovative tech companies in Calgary, visit our Live Tech, Love Life page. 

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