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Calgary-based fintech company Helcim credits its frequent ranking as a top payment company in North America to its signature simple, friendly and efficient user experienceWith honesty and transparency as core values, its online and in-person payment system helps small and medium sized businesses manage credit card payments, customer relations, inventory, invoicing and online merchandising  at a reasonable price thats clearly explained. 

Helcim’s approach to customer service is to “make a friend in five minutes,” says Rob Park, Helcim’s COO. We want our representatives to get to know the customer and actually solve their problem the first time. It’s old fashioned. In a good way.”    

The platform serves many kinds of clients: software developers, contractors, online services, lawyers, doctors, restaurants, and a variety of mom-and-pop shops. Helcim’s goal was to build a system that lets clients do what they dream without hiring programmers, without having to buy and learn different kinds of technologies, and without paying a fortune. Today, Helcim services approximately 7,000 clients across North America. 

“Payments are awesome because they are the very heartbeat of commerce,” said Park. “At its core, business is about the exchange of value between parties. Every day, millions of small businesses exchange money for goods and services. As a payments company, we get to be at the very centre of it all  we have a front row seat in helping small businesses succeed.”  

That flow now amounts to $3 billion in annual processing and 25 million annual transactions  all delivered with the Calgary company’s trademark personal touch. Helcim also builds every component of its system  onboarding, verification, analysis, fraud detection, CRM, etc. –  from scratch and with Calgary talent.  

"Building things ourselves allows our team to learn new things and build expertise in-house, here in Calgary  rather than outsourcing work and revenue to companies elsewhere," said Park.  

“We are keenly focused on attracting the best, the brightest, the most talented. And we find them right here, at our post-secondary institutions. That’s the keystone to any tech ecosystem.” 

To learn more about Helcim’s success in fintech and other opportunities in Calgary’s innovation ecosystem, visit our Live Tech, Love Life page. 

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