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FOL Glacier May 2020

Bemal Mehta, left, and Wendy Ell, with Glacier Resource Innovation Group. Wil Andruschak © Postmedia Network Inc.

Joel Schlesinger © Postmedia Network Inc.

The times are indeed changing for Canada’s resource industry.

And much the same could be said for Glacier Resource Innovation Group, a Calgary-based data intelligence and media company helping the industry evolve to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

“Like the resource industry itself, we’ve gone through a big transition,” says Bemal Mehta, senior vice-president of energy and mining intelligence at Glacier Resource Innovation Group.

The publisher of well-respected industry publications such as the Daily Oil Bulletin has operated under the banner of June Warren-Nickle’s Energy Group (JWN) for decades. But it pivoted in 2019, pulling together its many diverse initiatives and operations under a new corporate umbrella.

“Glacier Resource Innovation Group is the merger of all of our energy- and mining-related media and intelligence products,” Mehta says.

Wendy Ell, a director of strategic partnerships and industry development at Glacier Resource Innovation Group, says the company, like the resource industry it covers, is adjusting as climate change becomes more top of mind.

“This emerging landscape has forced us to become much more efficient and  innovative,” says Ell. “And it’s led us to identify key areas of information and support the industry most needs.”

Among them is aiding sector stakeholders to adopt and showcase corporate  environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. Particularly with respect to climate change, Ell says the resource industry must embrace and demonstrate efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

“Everyone is an energy consumer, and so we need to show Canadians how our nation’s energy sector is ever evolving,” she says.

A key role in this respect is providing the industry with the latest research and data on technologies such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing that can result in greater efficiency and reduced emissions.

It’s also important to tell the industry’s success stories.

That’s why Glacier initiatives like the Energy Excellence Awards are so important. Rather than holding a gala and awards ceremony, the firm decided to produce and publish a series of  in-depth profiles of the winners, celebrating their good work, Ell says.

More broadly, Glacier is perennially on a mission to spread the good word about the industry. That includes Canada’s effort to expand its LNG (liquified natural gas) potential. An emerging segment, LNG’s demand is rapidly growing as many nations transition away from coal.

It’s one example among many of how Glacier has become “razor sharp” to offer the industry the tools it needs, Ell says.

But more than anything, Glacier Resource Innovation Group has an important message that the world needs to hear.

“Our raison d’etre is supporting Canada’s energy sector with key information through transition and then getting word out more broadly about how innovative it truly is and, even more so, that it is and has always been driving change for the better,” Ell says.

This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Calgary Economic Development.

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