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FX Innovation Poirier

Mario Poirier is vice-president of sales and marketing at FX Innovation. Wil Andruschak © Postmedia Network Inc.

Joel Schlesinger © Postmedia Content Works

The world is going high-tech, and Calgary is certainly no exception.

And a Canadian IT company recently set up shop in town to help with this digital transformation.

Yet, when the Montreal-headquartered FX Innovation opened its first office in Western Canada this past spring, the tech firm saw more than fertile soil to cultivate new clients in the city.

It saw also an opportunity to tap into Calgary’s deep pool of skilled workers.

“The thing we love about Calgary is its can-do attitude and resilience,” says Mario Poirier, vice-president of sales and marketing at FX Innovation. “There is real potential for labour here.”

The fact is FX Innovation — providing cloud, enterprise service management and automation services — sees Calgary as a burgeoning hub of IT (information technology) expertise.

“There’s great talent here and one approach we are looking into is to retool, so we’ve spent time with higher education institutions in the city on how to create programs to help workers get the skills to reintegrate into the workforce with us so we can provide more value to our clients,” Poirier says.

FX Innovation also recognizes the city has businesses big, small and in between that could use its services.

“We meet our clients where they’re at with regards to their IT requirements.”

Poirier notes the firm’s role could be helping a company adopt enterprise automation, essentially automating tedious, repetitive tasks so workers can focus on more productive activities in the workplace.

But FX Innovation can also provide entire IT solutions for a company.

Regardless of need, the goal is providing human-centric design that makes the transition to leading-edge IT services as easy and seamless as possible for a client’s workforce.

Certainly, it has the experience and know-how. The firm of 650 staff has a strong track record of serving clients in Quebec, the United States and Ontario. Simply put, FX Innovation is good at what it does, experiencing consistent 30 per cent year-over-year growth.

“In our 17 years we  certainly got our scars through good and challenging projects, but this is the experience we bring to the table today,” Poirier says.

Not one to rest on past success, FX Innovation looked to Calgary as a perfect fit to offer its services to a wider audience.

But the long-term goal is not just to serve Western Canada from the city, but to build a talented workforce to serve clients around the world.

And Poirier is confident FX Innovation’s efforts in the city will bear fruit, given the company’s highly regarded corporate culture.

“Our culture is probably our biggest asset,” Poirier says, adding that’s why he left a Fortune 500 company to join FX Innovation. “I was just so inspired by the company — that’s what made me switch, and our attractive workplace culture is truly how we will build and retain our talent going forward.”

This story was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Calgary Economic Development.


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