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Calgary in the New Economy, our city’s economic strategy is gaining serious traction.

Guided with the help and insight of 1,800 local thought leaders and community stakeholders and led by Calgary Economic Development, the economic strategy focuses on drivers of economic growth – talent, innovation, place and business-friendly environment — to ensure this city is the choice of the world’s best entrepreneurs, especially in a time of massive technological innovation.

“Calgary led this country in growth for the last 20 years and with this strategy, we will lead it for the next 20,” says Adam Waterous, CEO of Waterous Energy Fund and co-chair of the leadership/implementation team for the strategy.

Revisiting the first year, here are some of the top achievements driving economic momentum:

  1. $100 million in Alberta government funding for Clean Resource Innovation Network to fuel energy sector technology advances;
  2. New Calgary post-secondaryprograms (diploma, degree, post-graduate) to prepare workforce for digital economy and 216 tech program seats added to post secondaries.
  3. University of Calgary opened Life Science Innovation Hub to increase life science technologies’ commercialization;
  4. The Rivers Culture & Entertainment District development plan sees major improvements including the approval of the new events centre, the Platform Innovation Centre breaking ground and Calgary’s new Central Library opens
  5. One-window online approach created by city for business permit applications; The city of Calgary is the 1st municipality in Canada to access online permitting, with 50 per cent of development permits noew being process online.

It’s been an ambitious first year. But as Mary Moran, President and CEO, Calgary Economic Development, sees it: “If we get the pillars of the strategy right and embrace technological disruption in all business, it will spur long-term growth and opportunities for Calgarians.”

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