Calgary agtech company goes green with hemp

May 25, 2022
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Calgary-based HEMPALTA uses one of the world’s fastest-growing and most environmentally friendly crops to help build a more sustainable future. The innovative agtech company turns Alberta-grown hemp into a wide range of  commercial and consumer products –  from eco-friendly cat litter to supplying bast fiber for construction and erosion control.

“Processed hemp can be used for so many things, from making car panels and kayaks, to strengthening seat belts, to building sustainable structures, or as a key component in beauty and personal care products. And that’s just a very few of its uses,” said Darren Bondar, President and CEO, HEMPALTA.

In its 13,000 sq. ft. commercial-scale processing plant located in the heart of the city, the HEMPALTA team is dedicated to contributing to the health of the community and the planet. It only partners with local farmers with sustainable practices.

“As one of the only commercial-scale hemp processors in North America, we’re passionate about making the world better – cleaner, healthier and more ecologically sound – for future generations.”

HEMPALTA’s mission to create a healthier, more sustainable planet aligns with Calgary’s vision to be a place that helps solve global challenges as outlined in the economic strategy, Calgary in the New Economy.

“Calgary doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves as a centre of agtech and agribusiness,” said Bondar. “One of my goals is to shine a light on our strengths as a prime agriculture hub for Canada.”

With deep roots in the local business community, Bondar first found success in other entrepreneurial pursuits, from retail with Watch It! to cannabis with Spiritleaf, prior to HEMPALTA. He recognizes Calgary’s position as a globally connected agribusiness innovation hub with an inclusive community as a competitive advantage and source of pride.

“There’s an entrepreneurial spirit in Calgary,” he said. “The more active you are in the entrepreneurial community, the more you realize how welcoming and supportive the people here are.”

Sewn in Calgary, HEMPALTA has ambitious plans to expand its team and product line.

“We are on the cusp of something big,” said Bondar. “We’re proud of the products we currently manufacture and we’ll be working hard in the near future to grow our markets for them.”

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