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BRIGHTSQUID Increasing the effectiveness of healthcare across Canada and the world

In 2020, a Calgary-based company focused on improving the way healthcare is delivered found its moment to shine.

Brightsquid, which allows for secure and speedy information sharing between different medical professionals, has been around for more than a decade, offering Brightsquid Secure-Mail, an easy-to-use, compliant, secure email made specifically for the healthcare industry.

The medical field was one of many that experienced a disruption when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Many healthcare professionals were working from home, and patients couldn't visit their physicians or specialists at their offices. Secure Mail acted as a secure and privacy-compliant option to transfer photos, videos and text between medical professionals and their patients. This means doctors are able to provide top quality health care while still supporting physical distancing protocols to ensure everyone’s safety.

Secure Mail is just the beginning for Brightsquid. The company also has an accelerator, the Health Technology Commercialization Hub (HATCH) in Calgary, that empowers healthcare startups in Alberta with access to innovate on Brightsquid’s secure medical communications platform. The company is also leading a Canada-wide initiative to support the exchange of patient information across entire healthcare teams across the country.

“We have to create that same revolution for Canadian healthcare systems, where the patient can access and share their information with multiple healthcare providers,” says Rohit Joshi, CEO, Brightsquid.   

Learn more about how Brightsquid is changing the healthcare system on our Live Tech, Love Life page.  

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