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Blackline Safetys fast acting location technology gives workers piece of mind

Calgary-based Blackline Safety has an innovative solution for keeping the more than 53 million people – those who work in isolation without close supervision, or lone workers - safe.

Blackline’s tracking technology was initially used for vehicle safety and security tracking but has since evolved into a signature G7 device. It has all the features of a smartphone, but instead of making calls, it acts as a two-way communication device.

The device checks in with workers on specified intervals, and if the employee is motionless for 60 second, a request is sent to the employee. If there is no response within 30 seconds, an alarm is issued. Blackline significantly reduces response time and helps emergency responders precisely locate individuals outdoors and right down to the building floor and room in which they’re located.

The company aims to target markets where key industries present significant worker safety issues, including Australia, Brazil, and Singapore. Right now, Blackline has clients in more than 100 countries, in industries from aerospace and pharmaceuticals, to petrochemicals, manufacturing and more. Blackline’s largest export markets are currently the U.S. and Europe, but the company is looking to expand into the Middle East as well. 

Learn more about how Blackline Safety is helping keep employees safe on our Live Tech, Love Life page.  

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