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Feb 25 2021 - 11:00am until
Feb 25 2021 - 12:00pm


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Shannon Preus [email protected]

Seize the Moment: Uncovering Growth Opportunities for Tech in 2021

After a tumultuous year that dealt a major hit to the global economy, Canada’s tech sector has emerged as one of the few standouts that have recovered quickly from the crisis.

While 2020 was the year of the unpredictable, there are plenty of reasons to be positive about 2021 and beyond. Join BDC tech industry experts Jean-Philippe Pépin and Lally Rementilla as they unpack the findings from BDC’s latest research report: Technology industry outlook: How changes in the economy affect Canada’s tech firms and share insights on how to position your business for growth.

Hear BDC’s latest insights on:

  • Creative hiring strategies: Industry job growth is outpacing the local talent supply in Canada. Now more than ever, tech companies need to expand their pool.
  • Growing outside your core business: In a time when new product and service launches have become the norm, consider how your existing offerings can create new purpose or be marketed to new customers.
  • Funding options: Finding support for growth isn’t always easy. BDC will review options to help your business thrive.

They’ll be joined in conversation with Nishaant Sangaavi from EnergyX and Tiffany Kaminsky from Symend as they talk through the opportunities for tech and share the remarkable ways they’ve turned this global crisis into opportunity for their own businesses.

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