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Date and Time

Jun 25 2021 - 11:00am until
Jun 25 2021 - 12:30pm


Online - Zoom

Contact Information

Kate Koplovich [email protected]

New Economy LIVE

New Economy LIVE: Reimagining Calgary's Downtown for the New Economy 

What draws people to a city? How do you measure liveability and why is it important to Calgary's economy?

The next event in Calgary Economic Development's New Economy LIVE series will highlight the importance of a vibrant downtown for attracting talent and businesses to Calgary.

Calgary's Greater Downtown Plan has a vision to make our downtown the economic and cultural heart of the city; a resilient and vibrant place for everyone, with welcoming neighbourhoods, active streets, and well-used, diverse public spaces.

This event will include a presentation of Calgary's Greater Downtown Plan followed by a panel discussion exploring the connection between liveability, urban design, and public spaces with two other pillars of Calgary in the New Economy: talent and innovation.

Learn how being Canada's most liveable city will attract the best people and companies, and grow and scale our innovation ecosystem. 

Presenters and Panelists:

  • Thom Mahler, Manager, Urban Initiatives, City of Calgary (featured presenter) 
  • Kate Thompson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (panelist) 
  • Chris Buckman, Managing Director, Endeavor Canada (panelist)
  • Francisco Alaniz Uribe, Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape, University of Calgary (panelist)
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