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Date and Time

Nov 26 2020 - 2:00pm until
Nov 26 2020 - 3:30pm



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Monique Sereneo [email protected]

Government Budgets and Alberta Nonprofits: What to watch for in 2021

Albertans can expect the release of Budget 2021 in February, which will set out the government’s financial plan as well as it's overall taxation and spending priorities.

Next year’s budget is an important one, coming on the heels of:

  • a provincial fiscal update that showed significantly declining revenues in the province;
  • a provincial recovery plan that is focused on infrastructure investments; and
  • a federal recovery plan that is at odds with the priorities of the Alberta provincial government. 

Moderated by CCVO President & CEO Karen Ball, this Nonprofits at 2:00 pm brings together an expert panel of speakers for a candid discussion about what the nonprofit sector might expect in next year’s budgets at different orders of government, how nonprofits can be influential during this time, and what the next few months will mean for the sector.

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