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Nov 24 2020 - 12:00pm until
Nov 24 2020 - 1:00pm



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Jan Wood [email protected]

Getting Noticed!

How did a traditional Canadian bank attract a new generation of young entrepreneurs? By partnering with Drake of course! And, how did a telecommunications company drown out the noise of the competition on its Rewards program? By turning an envelope in to a speaker!

Large Corporation or Small Business; B2B or B2C we are all looking for ways to get our marketing campaigns noticed.

Join Danielle Doiron & Kristi Tomasin as they share examples of creative ways you can captivate your audience and ensure your messages breakthrough the clutter and noise out there.

From this session you will:

  • See first hand how being customer-centric can generate powerful data insights.
  • Learn unique opportunities to elevate & amplify your marketing campaigns by maximizing your current omni-channel approach.
  • Find out how other B2B and B2C brands are achieving success.


  • Danielle Doiron – General Manager of Marketing, Canada Post
  • Kristi Tomasin – Director of Smartmail Marketing, Canada Post 


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