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Date and Time

Jun 23 2021 - 12:00pm until
Jun 23 2021 - 1:00pm


Online - Zoom

Contact Information

Dean Kendall [email protected]

Design Your Ideal Life

Have you taken the time to design your ideal life?
Take the first step now, enroll in our dynamic workshop. This is an invitation to slow down for 60 minutes and really think deeply about what you want from your life.

What is the workshop all about? 
It is a response to something I’ve been observing in my interactions with planning clients. Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they spend thinking about and really planning their Ideal Life. You will be facilitated through an exercise that helps give you more clarity about your Ideal Life and the importance of making good choices in alignment with that.

What is the purpose of you doing this workshop?
My purpose is twofold. First, I have some unique tools and ideas that will significantly increase the odds of you achieving your Ideal Life. Second, I would like to do it for the community as my way of giving back. You will leave with a crystal clear picture of what you want and some very sound ideas for achieving your Ideal Life. That is important to me.

Who is the Workshop for? 
Successful Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Professionals who want to create & live their IDEAL LIFE. For the people who want to fulfill on getting more clarity around their IDEAL LIFE, I provide a complimentary book and a 60-minute phone consultation.

The end result is I help you align your financial choices with your most important goals and most deeply held values.

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