Access to talent, a culture of innovation and a great quality of life will complement our business-friendly environment by making Calgary, simply, an extraordinary place to be. When we say business environment, we mean both the ease of conducting business and the level of business activities in Calgary.

Focused initiatives to support business growth and maintain strong lines of communication will allow for unparalleled success. When multiple businesses boost one another we flourish together with Calgary's economy.


How will we achieve it?

To become Canada’s most business-friendly city, we intend to pursue two key initiatives:


1. Implement initiatives to generate business development (immediate initiative)

2. Develop Calgary as a Living Lab


Launch an Open for Business campaign.

Enhance communication with the business community.

Initiate a one-window approach for business and expand the role of customer coordinator, small business.

Ensure business continuity through disasters and infrastructure projects.

Maintain a supply of industrial land to meet objectives in attracting new business and supporting business growth.

Develop and deploy a public key performance indicators (KPI) scorecard.

Advocate for provincial and federal governments to improve tax position versus the United States.


License and share The City of Calgary data on a large scale.

Open City infrastructure to create wireless (5G ready) zones with industrial partners.

Extend dark fibre footprint of technology and innovation to provide solutions to city challenges.

How will we measure success?

To successfully implement and continuously improve this initiative, we will track key performance indicators at all activity levels. At the highest level, they include:

  1. Increase net percentage in the number of businesses
  2. Increase the number of industries represented by top companies
  3. Decrease average time to acquire a business permit or license
  4. Decrease the number of business-related, city regulations

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