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With the Tom Baker Cancer Centre located in Calgary, the city is already a leader in research and the treatment of cancer. The new Calgary Cancer Centre, set to open in 2023, will increase capacity and add to Calgary’s already leading role in cancer services.

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Niall Kerrigan

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences

Calgary Cancer Centre

The new Calgary Cancer Centre (CCC) will be a world-class health care facility and academic centre for the provision of cancer services in Southern Alberta. The CCC will be constructed at the Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) to integrate cancer care with current key programs and services at the FMC site.

The CCC will increase cancer care capacity in southern Alberta by consolidating and expanding existing services to support integrated and comprehensive cancer care. The CCC is planned to meet clinical, academic and research needs as a full, comprehensive cancer facility. The CCC will support and deliver an interdisciplinary and integrated care philosophy that accommodates research, education and patient- and family-centred care, and improves patient outcomes.

Calgary Cancer Centre

Big Data in Oncology

Historically, Alberta’s economic engine has been its natural resources. Another major Alberta resource that is less well known is health data. Much like natural resources, data needs to be mined, refined, and put into a form to be used practically in day-to-day situations. While the fuel stores in Alberta are finite, the abundance of health data and application of that data for payers, health policy decisions and evidence generation are limitless. 

Alberta's Data Assets 

Albertas Data Assets Option 2 

World-Class Research

Early Cancer Detection Initiative

This initiative at the University of Calgary aims to develop strategies and methods for non-invasive earlier detection of cancer, discover better ways to predict the behaviour of individual cancers and accelerate the development of new commercially viable cancer detection tests and technologies.


Precision Oncology and Experimental Therapeutics (POET)

This program is designed to monitor current treatment responses and to develop new strategies to identify tailored therapies for cancer patients.

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Niall Kerrigan

Niall Kerrigan

Business Development Manager, Life Sciences