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Canada is one of the most welcoming and favourable countries for businesses looking to move or expand, and Calgary is arguably your best bet. After all, we have the highest head office concentration and the most patents per capita in Canada. Plus, Canada ranks #1 for Business Environment of the G7 countries (for forecast period 2016-2020). It also has the lowest total tax rate and one of the most generous R&D tax incentives of the G7 countries.

In this section, you’ll find tools and resources to support business development in Canada. We also have plenty of resources for established businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. Browse for:

  • details on grants, financing, and angel investors
  • demographics and forecasting information
  • guides and advice for goods importers and exporters
  • help and tools to expand your business
  • immigration and employment resources

Looking for something specific? You can also search by keyword.

Setting Up Your Business

Apply online or in person for a City of Calgary business license.

Streamlining your business permit and licensing experience.

From Service Alberta, learn how to register your business in Alberta.

Use this checklist as a starting point for your business.

From Service Alberta, information about running a business in Alberta.

A free online search platform of Canadian businesses launched in 2018.

Dentons Calgary offers clients seamless and efficient service in almost every area of business law and litigation.

Goodlawyer is an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for clients to find and hire legal help solely based on their preferences.

See Step 4 "Where am I operating?" section for more information on home-based business permits.

Comprehensive program that will guide you through all the aspects of starting a business in Canada.

Provides services to help you test, plan and launch your own small business. Momentum offers classes, coaching and loans to get you started.

Resources for starting or making changes to your business including business registration and licensing requirements.

Step-by-step business guide to help you identify and understand the approvals and requirements needed to acquire a business licence.

This service is only available for corporations and limited partnerships from British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan that have a valid MyAlberta Digital ID for Business. Alberta corporations and limited partnerships can connect to British Columbia, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan for registration in those provinces. You may be required to create an online account in the other province before extra-provincially registering your Alberta corporation.

Learn all about property taxes in Calgary.

Supports are available to help Alberta entrepreneurs and small businesses start, grow and succeed.

Learn about income tax for those that are self-employed or are unincorporated small businesses.

Checklist for people who are starting a business.

Are you looking to apply commercial strategies to your social cause? Whether your organization will be structured as a for-profit or a not-for-profit enterprise, you will want to employ many of the same tools and resources other businesses use to plan and manage internal operations. There are programs and services that can help you further your mission and help keep you sustainable.

Checklists and guides for starting different types of businesses.

All the facts and figures you want to know about Downtown Calgary’s commercial core and Stephen Avenue Walk, including vending, promo and busking.

Educational tools for small business electricity and natural gas consumers.