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Cover photo for "Canada: We Need to Talk" video

Talk is cheap, sure, but failing to engage in meaningful conversation about important issues, challenges and opportunities is far more costly.

At Calgary Economic Development we are adding our voice to the conversation about energy in Canada and reinforcing the national importance of this discussion. To do so, we shot a video Canada, we need to talk that addresses this serious subject and injected some humor in a patriotic way.

Canada is rich in all forms of energy – petroleum, hydroelectric, solar, wind, geothermal, nuclear, tidal and more. As a country, we also have an incredible capacity for creative thinking and innovative problem solving.

The world needs all forms of energy and Canadians, if we work together, can deliver well-regulated, technology-embracing, environmentally responsible solutions to meet the challenge. To do so, we need an honest and constructive dialogue that involves all Canadians.

More in common, than different

Our goal with this “oh so Canadian” video is to bring people together to find common ground. These aren’t always going to be easy conversations, but the multitude of us-versus-them shouting matches aren’t helping anybody.

As an organization representing Calgary, we are up front about our views on the societal transition to a lower-carbon energy supply. The transition is a critical global challenge, but it is a transition and not simply a switch to be flipped.

Calgary is one of a few centres of excellence in advanced energy globally. We are making an invaluable contribution to resolving the global challenge of reducing the environmental impacts of the production and consumption of energy.

We all use products made from petroleum every day, so we are all in this together.

Energy is a necessity of life and the energy poverty that exists for people in many parts of the world is a challenge that Canada can take on. Our companies are investing in innovation in all forms of energy and are even, as the video says, turning “poop into power.”

There is an incredible amount of work to be done; unleashing Canadian perseverance and ingenuity is what we really should be talking about. Learn more about the Canadian energy conversation.


BY Mary Moran

President & CEO

Office of the President & CEO


Mary joined the team in 2010 as Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Research and led the development of Calgary: Be Part of the Energy brand campaign. She has extensive experience in the airline and telecommunications industries and earned an MBA from Royal Roads University. She was promoted to CEO in 2015.

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