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Canada’s energy industry is a topic that has become increasingly divisive over the years, but Chris Slubicki, president and CEO of Calgary-based Modern Resources, is working on changing that. And he’s doing so one conversation at a time. 

“We all need energy,” Slubicki says. “I’m not talking only oil and gas, but also wind, solar, geothermal – we need them all.” 

One major reason Slubicki believes Canadians have so much disdain for the industry is the work done by special interest groups to “vilify” the industry. And while he respects that people have different views, he also feels that too much misinformation is being spread about one of Canada’s most important industries.  

Slubicki supports the idea of working towards a lower emissions economy but says that doesn’t mean an end to producing energy. That’s why he’s calling on everyone, from politicians to company executives to everyday Albertans, to start having informed conversations. 

“We can develop energy and we can reduce emissions in this country. But we need to stop and have an informed and intelligent conversations,” he says. “There’s no simple one size fits all answer. We’re all after the same objective, why can’t we talk?”

Slubicki has been actively advocating for Canada’s energy industry, speaking at TED Talks, sharing his speeches on YouTube and getting his message out on social media channels. 

"For many years, the conversation on energy and the environment has been very one-sided," Slubicki says. "Many in the energy industry are starting to speak up to bring some balance to the conversation. It is time for an informed conversation on a very complex issue."

He hopes to see all parties and levels of government step up and have meaningful, respectful discussions about the state of the industry and the best way to support it while still reaching emission-reduction goals. He also encourages even more representatives from within the industry to speak up. 

“You might not change peoples’ minds, but if you can change the conversation, that’s a good place to start.” 

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