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COVID 19 Newsroom

We are currently dealing with a health crisis that is impacting everyone. COVID-19 is expected to keep schools, businesses and public gathering places closed and people at home for an unknown period of time. 

How and how quickly we react to this crisis will determine the long term outcome.

We are working with our community leaders to ensure Calgarians are being taken care of during these tough times. We have put together a task force that is looking at how best to respond to the current situation, and what steps we can take as we recover from this. 

It is encouraging to see that all levels of government are working together to find the best solutions to help mitigate the impact this virus is having on Canadians.

As a reminder, the best way to stop the spread of this virus is to wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing and stay home unless you absolutely have to go out. 

Communication is critical at this time. We are monitoring updates from all levels of government as well as Alberta Health, and working to share that information with our community. Up-to-date COVID-19 guidance and resources for our community can be found here

Calgarians are resilient, and are no strangers to crisis. We've come together to pull through past struggles, and have no doubt we will do the same again. The smart, compassionate people in this city will help us one again pull through these challenging times. 

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