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I recently experienced a different form of workshifting that I feel is worth sharing with those that don't have permanent office space in Calgary, but even if you do, an alternative space for working offsite. 


Throughout the month of May, Long View moved offices in Calgary and the timing associated with possession of our new space required that most employees had to work from home for a short period of time. For some of us, this wasn't a new experience since we're an organization with a flexible workstyle providing people with the ability and technology to work where they need whether this  is at client sites, traveling, or at home from time to time.


Working  from your home office however doesn't always replace the necessity of meeting with clients face to face regardless of the technology one uses for collaboration, or attending events which in my case, was the reason I was downtown this last Tuesday.


So about the event. Calgary Economic Development was holding their Annual Report to the Community  and while being downtown for the event, I had other meetings downtown which meant I needed to have place to hang my virtual hat and while waiting in the reception area, I ran into Robyn Bews, Director of WORKshift Canada. I was telling her about our move and my office dilemma when she reminded me that I could use the Global Business Center if needed. Robyn introduced me to Bonnie Nunnari, Business Development Manager for the Global Business Center to get the access I required.


For those of you that may not be aware, Calgary Economic Development has built the Global Business Center essentially for those organizations looking to open offices in Calgary however, it can be used by Calgarian's or anyone wishing to use the space for short periods of time. This space isn't new to Long View, we have used it in the past for offsite meetings. The conference rooms provide great brainstorming space and are well equipped from a technology perspective, definitely a venue I intend to use again for offsite meetings but I did have the pleasure of being able to use the space as Robyn suggested once again and it definitely met my expectations. 


The Global Business Center will certainly be a resource we consider for other meetings Long View has. All the resources are there, it's quiet, easy to access, parking is close and close to +15 walkways.


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