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From his open-concept state of the art office in his 95,000 sq. ft. facility, Dr. Traj Nibber talks excitedly about the innovative research and rigorous scientific standards that Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) adheres to in collaboration with 28 universities in Canada and the United States. Among his current innovative research in nutraceuticals/dietary supplements he mentions;

  • Dandelion root - as a potential cure for leukemia in early stages of research with AOR and The University of Windsor, are showing promising results
  • "Functional" flour - a bread that could actually lower cholesterol and increase fibre and could be used as a healthy food alternative for diabetics
  • Eye drops -  that have been scientifically proven to retard cataracts

Since completing his PhD in pharmacy, Dr. Nibber has been researching, formulating and manufacturing nutraceutical products since moving to Canada 20 years ago.

It’s his mission to create solutions for disease prevention combined with innovative research, technology and manufacturing that has brought his Calgary-based AOR business to its status as one of the top nutraceutical companies in North America.

 But it’s his empathy for the clients he’s served that drove him to begin researching and formulating nutrient rich supplements to treat disease.

After completing his studies in the UK, Dr. Nibber visited Montreal where he was amazed by the vast space, pioneering spirit and tremendous potential of Canada. Soon after, he moved to Canada and opened a pharmacy in Smith Falls, Ontario.

From the start, he credits finding his niche to - having more time than customers.

Initially, clients came to him with prescriptions for products that couldn’t be found in traditional pharmacies; liquid gold and colloidal silver among others. He discovered that by stocking vitamins, business began to pick up. At the same time he began researching the supplements he was carrying and was surprised and frustrated companies were relying on myths and hype to promote low grade quality products rather than following rigorous scientific investigation to create high quality nutraceuticals.

Fueled by his empathy for people who suffered from lack of quality and access to supplements, Dr. Nibber began creating his own product research, invented his own formulas and filled the capsules by hand. He found that he could make a better supplement.

Word spread and he found himself participating as the Canadian version of the Dallas Buyers Club - supplying supplements for free to People with AIDS (PWA).

Since his solo salad days (or capsule days) in Smith Falls, his business has grown to a 95,000 square foot state of the art manufacturing facility in northeast Calgary, a soft gel facility in Olds and a new warehouse in Indianapolis, USA. His staff has expanded to approximately 150 employees who fill a diversity of roles from technical writers, graphic designers and IT to ERP systems/finance and marketing/research. AOR boasts five full time research PhD’s.

If staying true to rigorous scientific standards have been his hallmark, so has his involvement with supporting people in need, and he has contributed to; Ronald McDonald House, the Breast Cancer Society and Maya Devi Charitable Hospital in India, among many others during his 20 years with AOR.

In the same spirit of generosity, Dr. Nibber presented me with one of his vegan, over [age] 45 “OVOS” line of natural supplements for osteoarthritis pain relief.

As happy as I was to receive it, I couldn’t help but wonder “how did he know I was over 45?!”


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