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Communities, nations and industries are banding together as we collectively fight to balance public health with the viability of our economy. The post-crisis economy is taking shape, and we all must play a role in returning this country and province to sustainable economic prosperity. 

Alberta’s technology ecosystem is deeply linked to Alberta’s energy sector, as we create clean technology and digital solutions that drive our province’s core industry to improve productivity, decrease both costs and its environmental footprint.

Across all Alberta industries, International Data Corporation (IDC) Canada estimated that $18.7 billion would be spent on digitization and innovation in the next three years. Our community of entrepreneurs and innovators will be a crucial component of this movement, making technology an essential part of Alberta’s economic growth and diversification story.

COVID-19 is having an acute impact on startups. We're working with founders to support our ecosystems through this time of global upheaval. 

The following letter was sent to the Alberta Government on April 22, 2020, on behalf of the Alberta’s technology and innovation ecosystem.


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