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Maria Elena Hoover – Co-Founder, Chief Production Officer of MakeFashion

Calgary-based MakeFashion, recognized as a global leader in the emerging new sector of fashion tech, collaborates with designers, engineers, and makers to fuse cutting-edge technology with fashion.

Imagine a world where your clothes regulate your body temperature, monitor your vital signs, and your necklace begins to glow when the sun goes down.

That’s achievable today because of MakeFashion designers who are inspired by fashion with functionality.

MakeFashion introduces high-end fashion designers and artists to the exciting world of wearables through a series of informative, hands-on, designer-led workshops.

At its annual runway gala in Calgary, new collections of innovative fashion technology are combined with theatre and performance. It’s MakeFashion’s biggest event, pairing fashion designers and artists with engineers and tech enthusiasts. The combination of skills and ideas creates stunning results and groundbreaking fusions of light, fashion and performance.

The creative company also contributes to thought leadership conferences and facilitates public-access workshops leading to runway shows and innovative performances.

But MakeFashion isn’t just local.

Since launching in 2012, MakeFashion has produced more than 100 fashion tech garments which have been showcased at over 60 international events on runways around the world, including the fashion capitals of New York, Rome and Shenzhen.

Fusing high tech with high fashion, Calgary’s own MakeFashion is leading the movement in fashion technology.

For more information about MakeFashion, please visit their website.

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Jennifer joined our marketing communications team in 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Calgary Economic Development, Jennifer worked in management roles in packaged goods and telecommunications, and most recently was a consultant for the Calgary Stampede.

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