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Dale Hedges, Director with WMC in Calgary, with Consultant, Emma Pope, and Business Services Specialist, Melanie Gotsis.

Dale Hedges, director with WMC in Calgary, with consultant Emma Pope, centre, and business services specialist Melanie Gotsis. Wil Andrushak © Postmedia Network Inc.

Joel Schlesinger © Postmedia Network Inc.

When businesses face difficult decisions, they often look to WMC.

“We’re a boutique, Canadian-based management consulting firm for businesses looking for highly skilled and trusted advisers to deal with tough challenges,” says Dale Hedges, professional management consultant, adviser and change leader with WMC.

Short for Western Management Consultants, WMC has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary, with 70 experienced consultants serving those markets. Its presence in Calgary is certainly larger than its physical footprint.

“We may not be widely known among the average employees for a company, but if you ask any CEO or executive-level individual, they have either heard of us before and we’ve likely worked with them to resolve an important challenge.”

In Calgary, WMC is a go-to advisory firm for energy companies because of its roster of experienced  advisers who have helped firms navigate the highly cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry.

“This is probably the eighth downturn, and turnaround, we’ve been through with our clients,” Hedges says. “We’ve seen this many, many times and helped organizations respond to changes in the industry to improve their performance.”

Providing advice during good times is certainly important, Hedges says.

“But you need great advisers even more when times are tough.”

And WMC excels on both sides, helping organizations “rationalize and simplify processes” for greater efficiency. In turn, companies can then improve their bottom lines while looking toward growth opportunities.

Even now, many WMC clients are in growth mode, seeking executive level managers and other skilled workers to be able to move quickly — and prudently — on opportunities as they arise. WMC is a key partner in their hunt for talent.

“These businesses need new blood and leadership to grow,” Hedges says, adding the consultancy firm also provides advice on mergers and acquisitions and investments in innovation and technology.

All its efforts are geared toward positioning clients for sustainable growth.

But WMC isn’t just about helping Calgary businesses. A central piece of its corporate culture is giving back to the community. As such, many WMC team members sit on city non-profit boards, allowing these organizations to leverage a wealth of financial and management know-how.

“Our consultants are highly active in the community, serving on numerous boards and non-profit organizations,” Hedges says. “Giving back to the community is integral to WMC’s culture.” Whether it’s volunteering or supporting corporate clients, WMC quietly goes about doing what it does best, Hedges says.

“We’re the people behind the scenes helping organizations with complex challenges.”

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