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Roy Phelps, QMM’s chief commercial officer in Calgary

Roy Phelps, QMM’s chief commercial officer in Calgary. Wil Andruschak © 2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

Joel Schlesinger © 2018 Postmedia Network Inc.

QMM stands for Quality Move Management, but the Q could also just as easily stand for Quietly.

That’s because the  national moving and storage firm has been going about its business for more than two decades largely under the  radar of many Canadians.

Of course QMM isn’t an unknown quantity. In fact, in the corporate world, its name is as good as gold — recognized as the go-to mover for relocating employees.

“QMM is Canada’s first company designed from the ground up to be a corporate moving specialist,” says Roy Phelps, chief commercial  officer with QMM in Calgary.

“We do consumer moving, too, but we specialize in moving companies’ employees.”

About 85 per cent of its business involves corporate clients.

“What’s unique about this segment of the business is we’re not just moving somebody where it’s a one-off thing,” he says.

“Often, we’re working with accounts that have significant numbers of employees, so we need to do a good job because if we have one move go off the rails, then we’re jeopardizing future business.”

And a good job QMM does. The company consistently ranks among the top movers for customer satisfaction.

“Last year, our corporate account satisfaction score was 98 per cent,” Phelps says.

So what’s the secret for success?

“We do everything in-house from the assessment to the packing, loading, moving and unloading,” he says. “And we do it all with our own  people, so we can control the customer experience.”

It also stands out among competitors in its segment of the industry because it has national and international reach. For that matter, it’s the leading cross-border mover in North America.

Underpinning QMM’s success is innovation.

“One of the things we  focus on is incorporating new technology, making us a pioneer regarding industry innovation.”

Phelps points to QMM’s new virtual survey app as an example. Rather than a mover doing an advance on-site assessment of what needs to be moved, customers can now download the app.

“The app uses the video camera of a customer’s smart phone to walk through the home to survey what needs to be moved.”

While these advances in technology save time and money, as well as improve the customer experience, Phelps notes that nothing replaces old-fashioned, hands-on customer service.

“The moving business is definitely not like the  Jetsons,” he says. “It’s pretty straightforward: move  people and do it well.”


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