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Trevor Winkler, Regional Managing Partner with MNP, Calgary, and Jason Tuffs, Chief Executive Officer.

Trevor Winkler, left, Regional Managing Partner with MNP, Calgary, and Jason Tuffs, Chief Executive Officer.
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MNP has long seen the promise of Calgary. That’s why one of Canada’s largest and most successful professional services firms moved its headquarters to the city from Brandon, Man., almost 20 years ago.

“Our clients were growing across Western Canada at the time, and we needed to grow with them,” says Jason Tuffs, chief executive officer of MNP.

Calgary was the perfect fit.

“It was a city with good access to talent and a great business community,” he explains.

The company’s timing couldn’t have been better.

As Calgary grew, so did MNP, expanding to become the largest national accounting firm in Canada that is focused on the mid market. MNP helps entrepreneurial businesses grow by providing them with a wide array of services that include everything from financial reporting, tax planning and audits to human resources, cybersecurity and data analytics.

Contingent to its success has been tailoring services to clients’ needs.

“We never tell a client what they need,” says Trevor Winkler, regional managing partner at MNP, Calgary. “We work with them and listen to them to find a way to address their needs.”

That’s one reason MNP is so widely respected among Calgary’s business community. From startups to multinational firms, MNP has a reputation for understanding conditions on the ground and crafting advice to help companies navigate challenging times.

“Our clients here in Calgary are all looking to grow in this current environment,” Winkler says.

And they look to MNP as the go-to provider of guidance regarding complex issues that arise with growth.

“Many entrepreneurs are looking at business opportunities not just here, but across Canada, into the U.S. and overseas,” Winkler says. “And so we craft our services to help them plan to grow efficiently and effectively.”

Of course, MNP can’t operate in Calgary without deep knowledge of the needs of the energy industry.

“If you’re in Calgary, you have to be involved in the energy sector, it affects almost every aspect of the Calgary economy,” he says.

In this respect, having its head office in the city is advantageous, as MNP is the only national accounting firm not headquartered in Toronto.

“Calgary is a very entrepreneurial community and our head office being here allows us to stay connected to the clients we want to serve,” he says. “That gives us an edge we might not have otherwise.”

Winkler further adds this helps explain why MNP is the fastest growing firm of its kind in Canada.

It has not only become a trusted adviser to the city’s businesses, but is also a respected corporate citizen in the community, supporting local charities and other initiatives of goodwill that make Calgary a better place to live.

“Whether it’s giving back or advising businesses, we want to play an important role helping Calgary grow today and in the future,” Tuffs says.

This feature was created by Content Works, Postmedia’s commercial content division, on behalf of Calgary Economic Development.

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