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Four people strolling downtown Calgary at dusk.

Place, where we live, work and play, has always influenced our lives.

And leaders are recognizing the importance of place. The rise of placemaking - optimizing place quality - has been identified as one of the most transformational ideas for cities in the 21st century.

Now more than ever, the influence of place determines our individual and community’s success. 

For Calgary, place is not just the environment we live in.  It includes our overall quality of life. Creating conditions that enhance livability will support how well we attract new talent and businesses.

The importance of place is one of the four pillars of the Economic Strategy, Calgary in the New Economy.

At Report to the Community 2019, Dr. Loflin, the City Doctor, will share the science of place and placemaking frameworks that inform why a focus on place-attachment outcomes is key to understanding the economic health of any global city today.

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