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A woman taking a photo of a grass covered wall promoting Calgary

As part of our broader Be Part of the Energy campaign to promote Calgary as a city of choice for businesses looking to scale, access great talent and be a part of an amazing community, temporary street-level installations stood up today in Seattle and Vancouver declaring why the "grass is greener" in Calgary, even in the snow.

Similar to Calgary’s Amazon campaign last fall, this guerilla marketing tactic is an unconventional way to grab attention and create conversations in our city and abroad. Calgary has a very compelling story for companies in both Vancouver and Seattle - two of our key markets for business and investment attraction. We’re sharing that comparably:

  • Calgary is the most livable city in North America
  • We have low taxes and high GDP per capita.
  • We welcome international talent.
  • Commutes are short. 
  • Office space is affordable and available.
  • We have a STEM-educated workforce.
  • We live an hour from the Rockies. 

CED GrassIsGreener2


Broad awareness and targeted lead-generation campaigns have been running this fall in both markets and the "grass is greener" installations are timed around events that draw many of our targeted companies.

In Seattle, we’ve partnered with Geekwire and in Vancouver, the Vancouver Board of Trade is hosting an energy forum.  The installations are intended to help create some buzz around these events and pique a broader interest in Calgary and the opportunities here on social media.

Scheduled to be up for approximately a week, the installations are another example of how we continue to differentiate ourselves from other cities.

How you can help

If you have friends and colleagues in Vancouver and Seattle, encourage them to go see the installation and share with their networks on social. #GrowInCalgary

CED GrassIsGreener3


Activation locations:

Vancouver - 1149 Hamilton Street, V6B 5P6

Seattle - 739 9th Ave N., 98109

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