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With a structural change that reshaped the energy industry in Western Canada in recent years, many companies that had established thriving business during the boom times are now looking to foreign markets for their world-class products and services. Canada is a trading nation and our economy is largely driven by our ability to export and take part in global economic activity.

The arduous task of navigating complex global trade ecosystems can appear daunting and discouraging for any business. However, the recently launched Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) is offering a one-stop shop that will provide companies’ access to some of Canada’s top exporting advisors, resources and contacts.

TAP will provide hands-on training to companies during a series of workshops that assess potential markets for their products or services, as well as develop a strategy to enter new markets. The first TAP session begins April 30 with more to follow in the fall.

The TAP program will help companies to: 

  • Navigate the complex global trade ecosystem,
  • Leverage Canada's resources on trade and investment,
  • Benefit from customized, face-to-face coaching and advice,
  • Become familiar with international best practices,
  • Develop and implement a new-market entry plan,
  • Achieve export readiness, and
  • Expand their global trade footprint to grow revenue.

With almost 90 per cent of Alberta’s exports headed to the United States there are opportunities for companies to look further afield for new opportunities. The growing protectionist trade sentiment in Washington also means it’s becoming critical for companies, even established exporters, to examine options beyond those next door.

Outside of the United States, some of the primary foreign markets for Calgary companies are Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, India and Europe. Calgary Economic Development has participated in trade missions to these locations to make inroads for Calgary-based companies.

We see opportunities for companies involved in development of all forms of energy, financial services, technology, agribusiness, film & TV production, digital media transportation and logistics, biomedical, and manufacturing.

Helping to create opportunities for local companies to succeed is one of the primary focuses for Calgary Economic Development. It is one of the reasons for the enthusiastic support of TAP and this national effort by major cities to bolster exports. Find out if you're export ready - take the export quiz.

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