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Pheak Meas, Katipult

Pheak Meas, Katipult

With investment crowdfunding platforms flourishing worldwide, the need for secure, flexible and legally compliant software infrastructure has become more than a requirement, it is also providing companies a competitive advantage in their business.

That is why Pheak Meas and the development team at Calgary’s Katipult Inc. created a powerful cloud-based software to allow firms in private capital markets to design, setup and manage an investment crowdfunding platform across distribution channels including web, mobile and social media.

In the fast changing world of finance, Meas sees Katipult as a “disruptor” with an opportunity to shape how private market participants will raise money and manage investors globally. At the same time, investors now have unprecedented options for where and how to invest.

For their clients, they resolve operational inefficiencies and regulatory compliance requirements.

Katipult was launched over eight years ago under CEO Brock Murray and University of Calgary grads and today, has grown to a staff of 20. The company has a business model purposely resembling the successful Canadian ecommerce platform Shopify, albeit for private capital markets.

Katipult’s team of finance professionals and software engineers operate as a technology partner rather than a software vendor to companies.

To date, Katipult has processed about $75 million US in online transactions in 20 countries. The company has an international focus and perspective from its base in Calgary with activities across North America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.

To learn more about Katipult click here.


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