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Energy sector worker working on his tablet

Calgary-based Aimsio helps companies with significant field operations create a paperless workflow and are blazing the trail in the energy sector as a leading expert in problem solving. This expertise can now be applied in other industries.

“We’re a great example of where technology meets an old-school industry that’s been behind for a while. We focus on commercial construction, pipeline construction, utility construction and oil and gas field services,” says Ash Esmaeili, a co-founder of the company.

“This market has helped us. When oil is $100 to a barrel, nobody cares about optimization. Nobody cares about being more efficient because they’re making so much money. If they lose 30 to 40 per cent of it, who cares? But this market right now is where you really see the value of efficiency and using technology to increase that bottom line in being more efficient. Instead of having five people doing redundant data entry, you can now put that manpower towards marketing, sales and more hands-on work; instead of shifting papers and transferring data from paper to different systems.”

Aimsio helps companies in paperless application for workflow. The winner of several accelerator program competitions has been aided along this successful journey with $9.6 million in funding from the Calgary-based private equity firm, Strait Capital.

Of the company’s four co-founders, three remain involved in day-to-day management and operations - Esmaeili, head of operations; Abbas Sarraf, head of product; and Hamid Baghi, head of platform and technology.

Its fourth co-founder, Hanif Joshaghani, is no longer involved in day-to-day operations as he co-founded another tech startup in Calgary.

Aimsio was incorporated Aug 27, 2013, but its core product was really developed starting in July 2014.

Today, it has 24 people in two offices in Calgary and Vancouver. Calgary is home to the head office and employs 17 people.

“We work with any company that dispatches out any of their human or equipment resources and help them manage their current projects in the field efficiently. We focus on the data capture of their work. We’re not an accounting system. We’re not a payroll system, We’re not an ERP. But, we are complementary to those guys. So we focus on the data capture in the field and we feed it to all these different systems in the back office,” says Esmaeili.

“Our typical customer - a construction company -  has $50 million in revenue. It loses at least $1 million in extra profitability as a result of redundant work, missing paperwork, or all the data entries that they do. So with our system these guys are able to leverage the latest and greatest in technologies, the iPads, the web platform, to dispatch research efficiently and to capture the data as the work gets completed.”

More information about the company on their website.

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