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Calgary has a well-developed value chain for clean technology in oil and gas with strengths including supportive government and policy drivers, research and funding for emerging technologies, proximity to oil and gas customers, access to qualified and skilled workers, experience in manufacturing oil and gas equipment and market accessibility.

In the Calgary region, oil and gas sector related clean technology accounts for an estimated $615 million in GDP and more than 4,500 jobs. 

Climate Leadership Plan

The Alberta government’s Climate Leadership Plan mandates that oil and gas related greenhouse gas emissions will be capped at 100 megatonnes per year by 2030 along with a reduction target of 45 per cent for methane emissions by 2025. Achieving these reductions is driving clean technology solutions and new operational processes to reduce environmental impacts while maintaining productivity and profitability.  

Research and Innovation 

Innovation is at the heart of clean technology and Calgary has strong research facilities, post-secondary institutions and innovation resources that clean technology companies can leverage to expand their business and commercialize their solutions.

The Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) is a network of industry members designed to connect innovators and resources to address environmental and operational efficiency challenges in the oil and gas sector. CRIN’s focus areas include environmental technology, carbon and economic competitiveness and ecosystem investments. CRIN’s aim is to position Canada’s oil and gas sector as a global leader in developing clean hydrocarbons.  

The Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) is a group of producers accelerating the pace of improvement in environmental performance through collaborative action and innovation. To date, the companies have shared more than 900 distinct technologies that cost more than $1.3 billion to develop.

Proximity to Decision Makers & Expertise

Decision makers are found locally – two-thirds of Calgary’s 115 head offices are focused in the energy and oilfield services sector. Clean technology companies are able to convene with key players in the industry who can enable testing, demonstration, collaboration, partnerships, sales and implementation to take place. 

In addition to head offices, Calgary is home to companies across the oil and gas value chain. Technology providers have access to expertise on how their technology fits within the broader value chain. They can also quickly engage with manufacturers, researchers and personnel involved in extraction, processing, transport, refining and value add activities.

Qualified and Skilled Workforce

Calgary is home to a young, educated and highly skilled workforce experienced in the energy industry. These individuals represent a powerful knowledge base in understanding how the oil and gas industry operates, pain points and ways to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.



Clean Tech in Oil and gas Summary Report

The clean tech in oil and gas market is estimated at $1.3 billion in the Calgary region. Learn more about how clean tech and digitization is transforming the energy industry.

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