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Agri-technologies includes the development, design, testing and production of specialized software and hardware to support core agricultural activities. They enable critical functions including plant, animal health monitoring, inventory/product management, aerial weather and field monitoring, biometric and food safety quality testing.

Precision agriculture is the future for the industry and Alberta farmers and manufacturers are adopting technologies to grow new crops and significantly improve their products and processes. Digital farming, unmanned aerial vehicles, food and beverage automation technologies, vertical farming and in-land fish farming present significant opportunities in the sector.

Post-secondary institutions in Calgary are educating the next generation of agricultural leaders with specialized research and training in fields such as horticulture, food safety and quality, livestock genetics, crop science and veterinary sciences. Alberta also has more than 50 researchers across several universities and colleges and another 15 more centres, institutes and teams focused on food research and innovation.

Large crop sciences and agricultural equipment and manufacturing firms, located in Calgary, are expanding their technology development portfolio. Calgary’s existing engineering, geographic information system (GIS), wireless and telecommunication expertise are assets for the development and implementation of new technologies in the sector.