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Calgary’s historical strength in the oil & gas sector may be the most often cited reason our city is considered a global energy center, but it’s equally Calgary’s people and their energy – entrepreneurial, collaborative, innovative, and more – that truly sets us apart.

As champions of the be part of the energy brand we share with our civic partners committed to making Calgary a great place to work, live and visit, Calgary Economic Development continues to share the story of Calgary’s unique energy across Canada with a national marketing campaign.

While the focus of the be part of the energy campaign has shifted over the years with the evolving economic landscape, from labor attraction to business and investment attraction, at its core the messaging has always been Calgary’s exceptional people. Annual research into Canadians’ perceptions of Calgary revealed those who experience Calgary as a business community discover the people difference: we take risks, seize opportunities and support one another, like no other jurisdiction in Canada.

That’s why this year the campaign continues to feature the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs that make Calgary the amazing place it is to set up or grow a business.

Calgary is home to the people who created the world’s first neurosurgical robot, advanced wearable technology, internationally recognized solutions for addressing climate change – and so much more. Ten stories of people and companies making incredible impacts with their innovation, resourcefulness and creativity, form the content of the campaign.

National advertising in digital and social media is complemented by sponsored content in the Globe & Mail, and supports a targeted business and investment attraction program across Canada, the United States, and in strategic international markets. To help further our lead generation efforts, a direct mail piece designed as an oversized magazine, the “crown jewel” of the campaign, features over fifty of Calgary’s unique organizations and our city’s exceptional infrastructure, talent and lifestyle.

The full suite of campaign stories can be viewed on the unique landing page where we invite people to learn more about each company and engage with us by downloading our “Why Calgary” report or by entering our Newsroom in the Calgary Economic Development website.

We invite you to be part of the energy and share these great Calgary success stories on your social channels with your stakeholders and peers using #yycenergy.

As we look to integrating additional stories into the campaign, we’d love your input and support.

  • Tell us about Calgary companies that are doing cool things – even yours!
  • Tell us about companies that should be in Calgary.
  • Tell your peers about cool things happening in Calgary.


Jennifer Arthurs Profile Picture

BY Jennifer Arthurs

Director of Marketing

Marketing & Communications

Jennifer joined our marketing communications team in 2016. She holds a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in Marketing from the University of Saskatchewan. Prior to joining Calgary Economic Development, Jennifer worked in management roles in packaged goods and telecommunications, and most recently was a consultant for the Calgary Stampede.

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