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A deep pool of available tech talent and a city that’s ranked high on quality of life measurements is aiding to make Calgary one of the hottest cities to move to for work across the globe.

If you could move anywhere in the world for work, where would you go? A once favourite game for kids dreaming of travelling the globe, these days, it’s the question posed by a highly skilled and mobile workforce.

A 2017 study published in the Harvard Business Review asked this question too, but instead of imagining perfect white sand beaches, they focused on low cost of living, salary and lifestyle (including a convenience ranking) as the main criteria. These are some of the qualifiers that make Calgary one of the 10 most attractive cities to move to for work in the world. This is also why Calgary is the fastest growing tech talent market in Canada.

Some other reasons that Calgary is the place to scale your business:

  • Calgary has the highest head office concentration per capita in Canada*
  • Calgary ranks 4th in Tech industry outlook rankings**
  • Calgary ranked in the Top 5 Tech Talents Markets in Canada**
  • Calgary ranked in the Top 5 Tech Workforces in Canada**
  • Calgary has the highest brain gain of major Canadian cities**


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**  CBRE 2016 Scoring Canadian Tech Talent; Toronto and Vancouver are Canada’s Top Tech Talent Markets but Tech Jobs Growing Quickest in Smaller and Cheaper Markets | November 2016 | CBRE
The Most Attractive Cities to Move to for Work | March 2017 | Harvard Business Review


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